So, What's the Point?

what's the point?.jpg

So, what is the point to learning Martial Arts?  Why spend so much time practicing? Why spend so much time learning? Ask anyone who trains in martial arts and the answer will be different for every person!

I started learning Taekwondo almost 20 years ago because my son (who was 8 years old) was learning it and I had alway wanted to learn a Martial Art.  I did not have any visions of grandeur.  I never thought of becoming a master, I just wanted to learn and keep learning.  This was the reason I started and continued.

This was the break I did for my Master exam. I had the bed of nails made, those are 10d nails!

This was the break I did for my Master exam. I had the bed of nails made, those are 10d nails!

Now, my answer to the question "What's the point?" has evolved.  I train in Martial Arts to make myself a better person and to keep my brain active.  It allows me to focus on the specifics of the technique with no distractions-being mindful.  While training I am in the moment, not thinking of anything else.  At my age, I have no desire to compete in sparring nor forms, but I do desire to get better in my techniques.  But, if one day I have to defend myself, hopefully I will be able to do that.

Now this question can be asked of everything in life. "What's the point to eating well?"  "What's the point of being polite?" "What's the point to reading?" "What's the point of exercising?"    These type of questions can be endless. 

Again there may be many different individual answers to these questions but one answer that may apply to everyone is : we do these things to be better people. We eat healthily so we have better health, and with better health we feel better.  And maybe if we feel better we will treat other people better.  And if we treat other people better we help to make their respective lives better.  It is like a "domino effect" and our lives get better at the same time! 

And, that's the point!