Grand Master Keum S. Kim


From Korea to Charlotte, North Carolina!

The Founder of our School

Grand Master Keum Sun Kim is a Kukkiwon 7th Dan Black Belt from Incheon, South Korea.  He is a 5 time Korean National Champion and the 1979 World Champion in competitive sparring!   

Grand Master Kim is the former team captain of the Korean Marine Sparring Team.  Grand Master's master is Chi Young Yun, a Kukkiwon 9th Dan.  He is the head of the Incheon Taekwondo District in South Korea.  


Master Russell Aupied (with Grand Master Kim in 2007) has been Grand Master's student since 2002.  As Grand Master's student Master Russell became an AAU National Champion in sparring. Grand Master mentored Master Russell through the years so that he would be able to continue Grand Master's vision.  And continue it he has!

Through Grand Master's tutelage, Master Russell now owns our school at Colony Place and Ballantyne Kicks ( in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte!  This has allowed Grand Master to retire, because Master Russell is trusted to continue Grand Master's vision that began in Korea!

Master Russell during Black Belt testing!

And now our students continue the excellence started by Grand Master Kim!