Have Your Child’s Birthday Party with Us!

Everyone Gets Noodled on their Birthday!!!

Everyone Gets Noodled on their Birthday!!!


Here’s What You Get:

  • Your Child is the Black Belt of the Party!

  • Your Child and Party guests get a Taekwondo Lesson,

    plus Bully Protection lesson! (About 50-60 minutes long)

  • You get the use of the school space for Cake and Refreshments (You must provide Cake and Refreshments)

  • The Birthday Child gets to cut the cake with a REAL SWORD!

  • If the Parents are up to it:

    Parents vs Children Revenge Dodgeball Game

    (it’s a lot of fun!)

  • We clean everything up!

  • Everyone goes home happy! (and exhausted!)

  • To get the Cost for a Birthday Party as well as to reserve your date, please fill out the form below!

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